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Would you buy a new car just because it was out of gas? Don't have your expensive ink cartridges filling up a landfill just because they are out of ink. Recycle them with Jetpak refill mailers and save $$$.

Important Notice!

The recycling center that produces and processes the Jetpaks is discontinuing the Jetpak program effective January 1, 2015. Due to possible mail delays during the holidays, Kencode Computing recommends that Jetpaks be mailed to the recycling center by December 15, 2014 to ensure they arrive by January 1st. Kencode Computing has discontinued sales of Jetpaks.

If you have any unused old Jetpaks with the Phoenix address Click here.

How does Jetpak work?

  1. Place your empty ink cartridge in the postage paid mailer along with the completed return label. See "Cartridges That Can Be Refilled With Jetpak".
  2. Drop in any US Mail collection box.
  3. The Post Office delivers your cartridge to the largest inkjet cartridge recycling center in the US.
  4. A professionally cleaned (inside and out), refilled, and tested cartridge is returned to you. Most cartridges are mailed back to you within 24-72 hours of receipt.
  5. The ink used is the highest quality and designed for your cartridge. Different cartridges require different inks, so "Universal" inks which may not be right for your cartridge are not used.
  6. Because all ink cartridges eventually wear out and can't be recycled, you may not receive a cartridge back. In this case you will receive another Jetpak mailer to recycle another cartridge at no extra charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who will refill my cartridge?
  2. How long will my cartridge last?
  3. What is the Jetpak warranty?
  4. How do I fix problems with new or recycled ink cartridges?

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