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Jetpak is produced by IJR, Inc. and cartridges sent in Jetpaks go to their ink jet recycling center in Arizona.

Since 1978, IJR, Inc. has specialized in products for the imaging supplies market. Initially, its products included plotter pens, industrial markers and specialty inks for these products. Today, IJR, Inc. specializes in ink jet products. This isn't a side line for them, it's their only product line.

To make recycling particularly easy, IJR developed the Jetpak, the first fully postage paid mailer for ink jet cartridge recycling.

IJR, Inc. processes more ink jet cartridges than any other ink jet recycler, over one million each year.

IJR, Inc. doesn't just recycle popular cartridge styles. They recycle more styles than any other recycler.

IJR, Inc. has developed manufacturing procedures and standards which guarantee the highest quality ink jet cartridges at the highest success rates. Their success rates are the highest because their testing procedures and quality standards are unsurpassed in the industry.

IJR, Inc. sells the equipment and supplies used by many other ink jet recyclers.

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